Safety Policy

Serenity Photo is committed to operating with “Safety First” for its clients and staff as a primary business objective. It is the responsibility of every staff-member, no matter where they are in the world, and a focus to assure that our resolute standards of safety and health are practiced at all times.

To this end, we will:

  • Support and maintain a corporate policy that, in all cases, the Safety of Life and Safety of the Environment shall be the most important consideration.
  • Aggressively manage and promote the SQM program (Safety Quality Management) to embrace a culture where safety excellence and continuous improvement are a way of life.
  • Always meet or exceed applicable safety and health regulations and requirements including those of flag administrations, countries and port states and international conventions.
  • Assign personnel to safety and security activities who are motivated and committed to excellence and provide them with the proper resources.
  • Provide training to new and old staff-members to help ensure that the staff-members act responsibly to maximize the potential to prevent injuries, illnesses or property damage. (Being Safe & Living Well)
  • Monitor advancements in technology and design criteria, so that both products, systems and processes, as well as new buildings and development projects, incorporate the company’s high standards for safety and health performance.
  • Explore and implement programs that take raise us above the bar for compliance in our safety, security and health performance.
  • Favor contracting with vendors, suppliers, and service providers who have made their own commitment to similar standards for safety, security and health, as well as, constant improvement.
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