Boudoir & Fine Art Policy


Fine art portraiture photography is for when you would like an intimate portrait of yourself, and would like it to be something special. Maybe an Heirloom Portrait that someday you’ll hand down to your children or just want to enjoy for yourself preserving your moment in time.. When you want the very best, choose a fine art portrait sitting.

These archival photographs are printed on cotton fiber paper. In Color, or Black & White, these photographs will last more than 100 years and Sepia tones are archival for up to 200 years. Colors will reach the 200 year mark as well.

Unlike family portraits or glamour shots, fine art portraits portrays more than just a facial expression or any one single mood; its focus is on the spirit of the eyes, which some say is the window to one’s soul. Images when taken in our style of photography provide an exceptional rendition of depth, beauty, and warmth unmatched by any other means.

Your fine art photograph is personal in every way. You can use it how you wish as a creative and unique gift idea for an anniversary or for your special someone, a birthday, or even a valentine gift. Take the leap to a personal shoot alone or together.

The semi-nude and nude photography encompass classic nudes as well. The nude photographs are all fine art photos using intricate lighting set ups whether it be while working in the studio or on location. Shooting in nature with the sun can be a very a difficult thing to do but, when one does the master the craft of sunlight photography as we have here at Serenity Photo the images produced are truly amazing.

The human form is a work of art unto itself and when it is combined with nature in places people rarely go or should be, it becomes one of a kind. Meticulous attention to lighting, props, and styling accentuate and celebrate the body’s architecture. We will spend precious time to understand what you want to bring to life, and work with you and your spirit to make it all come together and then snap, “A Capture of Light”.

Nude fine art photography is one of the finest tributes a woman or man can pay to themselves, their spirit, and to their body. For many women, it is a means of accepting herself for who she is at that point in life and wanting to preserve the memory of that time, and her compassion and insight shows through when taking the time to see that the human form is a work of art unto itself. For a man it is captivating ones inner being.

The fine art photograph that you would like Serenity Photo to create may be semi nude or nude. It may be mysterious or willful; sensual or sexy; fantasy or fad; it may have a face in it or not, but those are just the facets to making your image unique and memorable. The things we see important are, that the photograph portrays you, your soul, your lines, your curves, and most of all the moment in time that we captured together. This photograph will tell a story about you and who you are.

Black and white photography is a special passion of ours and you can be assured that his meticulous attention to detail will be given from beginning to end. This is one of the reasons that women and men who have fine art photography sessions with us come back to Serenity Photo for more photo shoots and recommend friends to Serenity Photo. People feel comfortable with him and that they are portrayed in a way that makes them feel and look wonderful.

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