Blog Usage

Blog Usage

Serenity Photo is an online photography web site that sells products and services and is open for commerce world wide. Using todays technology opens the doors to all kinds of markets in the local area and worldwide. The company structure is built on the www.serenityphoto.net website and the Serenity Photo blog.


The two technologies work together to provide users with current professional information and innovative photo research tools. The blog works as the company communication center for buyers and photographers. The web site provides content rich photo data.


A major portion of the Serenity Photo text is supported on the Blog. This solution makes it possible to manage the information independently of the web sites technical structure.


The configuration of the blog is very practical; the user interface is simple enough to manage the contents and offers new possibilities. In particular, setting up multilingual websites is easy since the blog contains most of the text content. When setting up a new language the www.serenityphoto.net website connects to the new blog after it has been translated into the new language. Little programming is required to connect the new language blog to the website. Another major advantage is the referencing environment of the blog. Without complex search engine optimization tools the blog is ranked very high.


In practice, the blog is used for the management of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and communication, allowing a fast update to questions. In addition due to the nature of the blog visitors may ask more detailed questions on the FAQ if they wish and Serenity Photo can easily respond. The blog allows visitors to make suggestions while on the site. Also the visitor is redirected to the blog each time they wish to learn more about one subject (definition of the free photographs of right, problem of right to image etc.).


The Blog is also used to communicate important current trade events and company news to visitors and press (see press relations for press releases, logos, video and images, etc…). This communication also allows visitors to add comments, create discussions and announce additional details. In this way the blog works to help build a professional community.


The Blog is used to fully communicate and interact with visitors and is an indispensable tool for www.serenityphoto.net.

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