Pictage and the Event


As an “Event Owner” on Pictage you are given privileges to manage the way that your photos are presented to your friends and family.

You can:

•    View a “Guest Book” of all of the people who have visited your event

  •   Mark photos private so that only you can see them – your guests will not be able to view images marked “private”

Step 1: The Event Home Page

When you first log into your event on Pictage (see above for instructions) you will be taken to the “Event Home Page.” This is the central location where you can access all of the functionality that Pictage provides:

•    View images by category

•    Edit your event

•    Search for an image by number or caption

•    View your Guest Book

  •   Release your event to friends and family so they can view your images too

Step 2: Review Your Pictures

The next thing you should do is review your pictures. Sit back and get comfortable – there are a lot of them! On your Event Home Page, choose from the Thumbnail, Full Size and Slide Show views in the Viewing Options that appear in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Then you may select a category and the number of images per row and per page you would like to view.

Step 3: Edit Your Pictures

After you have gone through all of your pictures you can decide whether each picture should be public or private. In the name of efficiency, try to keep photos public that others will be interested in seeing.

The picture numbers are searchable from the event home page. Also, if you see a picture you like you can add it to a folder for later review. Public folders are viewable by all visitors to your event, while only you can see private folders. You may want to create a public folder of your favorite images to share with your friends and family.

Step 4: Release Your Event

Once you have finished reviewing and editing all of your pictures and want to make the event available to your friends and family, click on the Make Event Available to Friends and Family link on the event home page. Once you have released the event, Pictage will email any pre-registered guests who have been approved by you with a link to your event as well as the Event Key. You may also want to send your guests, especially those who were not pre-registered, a similar e-mail. It could look something like this:

Dear Friends and Family,

Our event is now online! Go to www.pictage.com, register with your name, email address and password of your choice. Then search for our event (last names usually work) to see all the photos. If you see any that you like, order them directly on line. To view the images enter “place your event key here” when prompted for the Event Key. Enjoy!

Step 5: Purchase Your Pictures

You can choose your favorite photos by clicking on the shopping cart icon below each image. In the shopping cart, you can select borders, toning options, and even crop images using the zoom and re-center tools. You can then add items directly to your cart from there.


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