Biography – Jodeyne Higgins

Sometimes people like me are really fortunate to have met their special friend for life, and in my case, she is my skating partner, business partner, and wonderful wife whom has been with me for 23 years this June. I know she looks only 21, but that is the ice skating keeping her young in the freezer all this time. Her name is Jodeyne; and I can say an Angel in the midst?

Born in the small country city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada; she comes from a very loving family. The pride and joy that she brings to me and especially her family is like no other.  Jodeyne has a soft yet striking personality that can light up a room just with her presence. Her angelic spirit warms all who meet her.

At the age of three Jodeyne began skating in her backyard rink that her daddy built for her every year growing up. From that moment on skating became her passion which she still pursues today along with our photography. She is the brains of the operation always keeping me in check and sometimes that is no easy task ladies and gents.

Jodeyne began competitive skating at the age of 7, where  she skated singles and pairs at the same time. It is through pair skating that we met at the ages of 11 and 13. Jodeyne has had a very successful elite competitive skating career, and TV Career staring on CBC’s Battle of the Blades, and also on  Torvill & Dean’s  Dancing on Ice on ITV in the UK.  She was a Canadian National Team member for a decade and was a two-time world team member. Representing Canada internationally, Jodeyne became known as one of the premier pair and adagio skaters in the world. Now Jodeyne has moved into the professional realm and is one of the most sought after skaters and known as one of the biggest risk takers in the business performing high flying and death-defying moves.

From her skating career she has learned many things beyond the technical aspects of sports and has moved into becoming a very successful business lady. She has excellent management and time management skills as a result of having to juggle her education, skating schedules, and travel through the years. Performing in front of large crowds throughout the world also has taught Jodeyne the ability to handle extreme pressures and keep the calm when the going gets tough. She has a keen sense of observation and a never-ending willingness to learn, and become a helping hand to others.

One amazing opportunity Jodeyne has had as a professional skater was to be a manager with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for 7 years. Having had all the years of management training and her proactive approach to big pressure business she was nominated seven times over two years for top manager, employee of the month and employee of the year. Out of 20,000+ employees that is pretty darn good. Her role requires exceptional organization and communication skills and she has them all under her belt.

With our diverse International travels and skating cast Jodeyne has the unique challenge of communicating with others of different languages. Her desire to make sure everyone feels at ease making an inviting environment for all to be in. She gives a tireless effort in her training, teaching, coaching, and leading to achieve the best outcomes.  Time and time again Jodeyne has exemplified the ability to work with many different clientele in an honest and pure form. Her awareness and love for people is true to life itself.

She is my rock in everything I do. I am a lucky man as we truly make a great team!

Tiny x

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