Being an elite athlete for Canada for many years I learned to compete to win. I turned into a Professional Athlete Entertainer & Entrepreneur in 2002 with an unshakable optimism dedicated to helping people all over the world.

Stuff About the Dude:

  • I am a happy Hubby and Papa Bear to Jodeyne and Signey
  • I am a Geek
  • I am an Athlete
  • I love coaching
  • I love animals
  • I’m a Romantic
  • I live for Sci-Fi
  • I think Will & Grace, Fraser, Friends, Cheers, Big Bang Theory are the best comedies
  • I do what I love and I love what I do. Work should be a passion not a job.
  • I like making people feel good about themselves and feeling like they have a purpose
  • I have a tattoo and a cool tattoo story to go along with it
  • I love canoeing with my cedar canoe made by my Uncle 35 years ago
  • I am an adventurer and a daredevil
  • Did I mention I love my girls Jodeyne and Signey to the moon and back a kabillion times

About Me

I have been blessed! My career has been truly amazing and when I look back at all the places I have gone and the things we have done it seems like a dream. To have lived a life this happily has been brilliant especially living most of it with Jodeyne. Having competed for Canada for many year as an elite athlete I was extremely fortunate to make it all the way to the World Championships three times. Once as a junior, and twice as a senior competitor. After my competitive career in ice skating I turned to becoming an entertainer on ice. Having performed for millions of people all over the world over the last 23 years we gained experience and understanding of how the world turns. My highlight to this was when I was standing in the Olympic Stadium London 2012 performing with my buddies on stage with Cold Play and Rihanna and many other amazing performers and volunteers from around the world.

Living along side of me is my amazing and lovely wife and skating partner Jodeyne for 23 years now I turned to photography to document our life. Jodeyne has allowed me to go after my love and vision for photography which started when I was a young boy.  I see the world definitely through my eyes in a different way, and that is why I turned to make this a passion of mine. Since I was young photography has allowed me to tell my stories through photos. My career as an elite athlete and entertainer over the years has allowed me to travel all over the world. I’ve taken full advantage of being able to capture my journey through time via my love for photography. Seeing what life has to offer first hand has been amazing, and I think that this has given me a passionate side in life wanting to do what is right for the world. By trying to sustain growth and giving back to communities in many different ways is important. We try to do this through sports education and photography. In the end we are all responsible for our own actions, so lets try to do what is right in the first place.

I am a very passionate person, and that side of me wants me to do what is right for the world ecologically. We need too. So first for me it’s to take care of my family and the only way I can do that is to take care of the earth in my only little way.

I have yet to find the perfect shot and I do not think it exist. Maybe practically perfect though, and this is why photography continually drives me to keep searching for the image of a lifetime. It needs to say a thousand words. I believe that my life is a bit like a fine wine with an incredible eye that allows me to be able to capture and focus on moments of many different natures. I love photography! Everything about it excites me, from Brides, to Children, to People and Events of the World all the way to Mother Nature herself; imagery make me stop and think about life. I specialize in relationships first and this is why I love to shoot Commercial Wedding Photography, Lifestyle Portraits, and Dance and Sport. When shooting with people my ability to adapt to people fits into my niche very well. It does not matter where I am from glorious vistas to a glamorous moment of a model, I like to capture my subjects in a serene fashion. I use time, patience and communication as I focus on my subject watching for that special moment to happen. And Click! My aim is to capture that stunning image with that particular expression or a meaningful pose to freeze it in time and show it to the world, a vision of my clients true person in a natural and sincere way that what I am after. I like many different types of photography but my heart goes out to subjects that look to share their spirit with me.

Brides are at the top of that list followed by children, dancers, and athletes. You ask why them first, well its because they train to put their heart out on their sleeve and share it with us all. They all tend to be whimsical, comfortably open and move freely conveying their inner truth.

When seizing such a raw instant, I click to capture my clients genuine personality as a powerful reflection of the real people they are.

When making a print, the goal is to make it alluring to the eye, make is captivating to the soul, each shot to be filled with incredible passion. Each time I snap an image my wish is to evoke a feeling inside of the viewers mind and body, taking them into their own imaginary world. No matter the subject, the location, or the time of day there is a calm feeling of control that is within every image created.

My long time meaningful motto is, “Live to Inspire and Inspire to Live!” When I have the pleasure of shooting with my clients,  I try to create a place of solitude. I have a very focused and personal disposition, and kids gravitate to me like Shrek or better yet Santa. I believe in creating an environment of relaxation and calmness no matter where we are that allows each of my subjects to open up those invisible barriers allowing them to show their true spirit and character.

Creating memorable and meaningful images that touch my clients heart is the goal. When people look back on our day together and can say “WoW!, that was an amazing experience.”, that’s what we  need to be always striving for. As I always say be the inspiration “Live each day of life to its fullest” and “Live to Inspire and Inspire to Live”.

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