We have set our sails into the wind with this exciting venture into the realm of Environmentally Friendly Digital Imaging.

Thank you for taking a moment to see what we have to offer to you, your family and friends.  We believe in doing things that are extraordinary instead of the ordinary. Leading by example while helping others along the way to obtain their own success is so special to us.

We also believe that we should be responsible for our own actions and that one should live with choice, not just right or wrong, yes or no, but a life with vitality which everyone has a right to be a free spirit and live each day to the fullest.

One of our team goals is to have our imagery capture precious moments for our clients and bring it to life as art. Being able to preserve moments and memories in time for our clients is dear to us.

We know photography evokes emotions that run deep in our souls and through pictures we can keep them alive. No matter who it is, and when they have a chance a person will grasp a photograph to take with them where ever they go.

Photography gives us a sense of peace and belonging, fulfilling a memory in our heart can mean the world to us. This is why we do what we do.

The Nitty Gritty!

Our Moto at Serenity Photo, “A Capture of Light”.

It is what we live for.

Photography is both art and science all wrapped up into one. If we did not have one we could not have the other, and since the first photo was taken way back in a wooden box and oil paint on canvas centuries ago it has been an inspiration to all to capture the perfect light and shadows of an image.

Now the fading art of film photography is kept alive by many photographers still in this world but we are running out of time and silver. Today we use mostly digital technology and a little T.L.C. to get the perfect feeling in the image.

We believe in giving images love and not altering their stated to the unreal.

One of the main goals of Serenity Photo is to save our environment while maintaining a high product and service for every client that walks through the door to our business. We do the right thing the first time to get what we need, so we can give you a product that you want.

Many film photographers will say you cannot get the true essence of a film photograph using digital cameras and computers, or better yet digital cameras are still no substitute for the character, texture, warmth and/ or detail offered by a negative original.

This may be true in some ways, but we love the idea of minimizing our impact on the environment with digital imagery. Many will agree with these kinds of statements, but here at Serenity Photo we are aspiring to break out of the common mold of the old school photographer, and come out feet a blazing to deliver that exquisite quality image we know digital imaging can produce.

Our imaging comes at a much lower cost to our overall environmental because we can with digital technology refrain from having to use many different chemicals that have to be or should be disposed of properly when using film photography.

We’ve designed things to help make our lives easier, which helps yours as well by creating a fluid workflows from the beginning to the end of a process.

We are constantly adapting and evolving with technology to become more efficient and less destructive to nature itself.  Knowing that our direction for business is the right one for us and for our clients, we delve ourselves into just enjoying our images without the guilt or a second thought of how we created the shot.

It is just a matter of time before digital is 100% superior to that of standard film. Think of it like this, if we wait till tomorrow to make the leaps and bounds to make a difference in our world, there will not be any more of this green and blue earth left for us to capture and enjoy.

We love being a leader in everything we do, but most importantly to us we love doing what we do along with nature at our side. To us it is so important to preserve and protect our environment so all of us can continue to shoot the vast styles of images we create.

Please take a moment and take a peek inside our site to have a look at what we have accomplished thus far.


The Serenity Photo Team


The world is the most amazing setting to take pictures on. Everywhere you look there’s a different scene taking us on adventures that write their own stories.

We believe in simplicity, fun and attention to the details. When you see how much heart we put into all our projects you will be truly captured just as our clients have been in the past. 

We have met so many interesting and inspiring people from around the world and have cherished our time spent with them.

We believe in relaxed fun shoots, making life and the experience enjoyable. We take pride in being able to deliver great products and services to our clients and their needs.

Our style is unique and adaptive, keeping everything we do as clean and simple as possible. Our approach to complexity allows our clients to breath, trust, and enjoy the process which we share together.

All kinds of details and expectation information and answers to questions are prepared for you right here

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