The environmental debate has never been so important as it is now. Doing our part to minimize our overall Carbon Footprint and to make a Cleaner World is imperative to our mission.

As you will see on the Serenity Photo website we enjoy shooting in nature so we can use the great outdoors as our backdrop. We love what nature has to offer and share with us. That is why we have taken the notion that doing something to help reduce our overall Carbon Footprint and to minimize our waste is so important.

Correct disposal of recyclable materials is critical to our society and  helping to sustain a business like ours. As humans expand we should be able to retreat from the environmental mess made by our forefathers and big corporations.


We should focus our drive on sustainability, and cleaning up the world as we minimize our own Carbon Footprint. As we expand as a society we should be aware of our surroundings and unite humanity in the conservation of the world. If we act together we can help to save the wilderness and multiple ecosystems together.

We will not say that we won’t be using fossil fuels at all because it is not a 100% reality as of today (since it takes petroleum and energy to produce almost everything that we use in commercial and consumers products and also most forms of travel). However, times are changing. It is how we manage our dependance on fossil fuel use, and being innovative by maximizing the use of technology to enhance our business practices and ethics that will make us successful.

“A little bit of knowledge is good, but using it the right way is Great!”

Serenity Photo can make a difference. From the choices of the companies that we affiliate ourselves with that are environmentally safe, to the types of cups we use to drink from, we will not poison the environment.  Our products are of such a high quality with very little waste in their production, so there is smaller chance for our products to ever end up in the junkyard. Watch this trend, it may be one of the fastest trends in business that we have ever seen to be aware of ones carbon footprint. Serenity Photo is trying to stay one step ahead of the curve before it is even asked for.

Now that is way beyond cool!

Every year we will help to off set our Carbon Footprint by taking a portion of our before tax profits and donating them back to a different environmental campaign. We will also upgrade our infrastructure with new equipment purchases adapting our systems to minimizing our overall impact when necessary. Our goal is to be Carbon Neutral and have a Zero Carbon Footprint Emission, which will be hard, but when you see large companies like TIMERLANDTERRA-PASSRECYCLINESTONYFIELD FARMSGREEN MOUNTAIN COFFEE and many more doing it, we can do it too.

  • Create a Paradigm!

  • Be Socially Responsible!

  • Take Big Ecological Advances in the business world!

  • Help to Support Sustainability!

  • Do Our Part for the Environment!

Our Children’s FOOTPRINTS Incentive

Here at Serenity Photo we offer a very special incentive program. For every child we do a photo shoot for we will plant a new sapling tree on their behalf. For the following years when you bring your child back for their yearly shots with us we will match the number of sapling trees with their age up to 21 years old. 

At that age we will have planted 232 sapling trees on their behalf. This means if your child goes forth to plant the remaining trees they only have 68 trees to plant for the rest of their life offsetting their carbon footprint according to todays statistics. Now that is pretty cool, and a great way to help our planet and teach our kids good stewardship of our forest and the world.

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