Protecting the world’s land, air, water, and the rich life they support is a way of life and doing business for Serenity Photo. This is the commitment of FOOTPRINTS, a comprehensive environmental protection program that was established in 2005 when the company was founded.

FOOTPRINTS three key principles are to:

  1.     Reduce the creation or generation of waste material
  2.     Recycle as much as we possibly can.
  3.     Ensure the proper disposal of any remaining waste

Waste Reduction

The key to a sound waste management program is finding ways to reduce the amount of waste material that’s being created. Serenity Photo has taken significant measures over the years to reduce the volume of generated waste that must be processed.

Agreements are in place with our suppliers to control the volume of material delivered to the company that must be processed as waste. Finally, Serenity Photo is committed to the pledge that nothing ever goes into the landfill, or into the air, or into the ocean that will be considered improper disposal.

Special Wastes

Some waste products generated by our company must be handled with special care. These waste products include used paints and thinners, medical waste, dry-cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, used butane lighters, old batteries, computers, cameras, and equipment.

These wastes are never disposed of in a normal trash container, or in the sinks and drains, or toilet systems.

Disposal of Remaining Wastes

Modern equipment and strict enforcement of our regulations allow Serenity Photo to minimize our overall waste and strive to have a zero-discharge policy for solid wastes.

We safely store all solid waste until it can be incinerated or taken to a suitable disposal site. Our disposal of liquid wastes is done in an environmentally friendly manner that exceeds recognized standards of most operations.

Environmental Training

An environmental officer is assigned to manage the overall environmental program. These officers receive specialized training to prepare them for overseeing and verifying all environmental systems, equipment, procedures and training. In addition, all staff members receive instruction about their responsibilities in support of the FOOTPRINTS program within the first full day working with Serenity Photo. At the end of their initial training, new staff members must sign a pledge to uphold their responsibilities to protect the environment. Staff members also must be able to explain the concept behind FOOTPRINTS to our clients when asked.

We understand our responsibility to protect the land we live on, the air we breath, and the waters of the world. Serenity Photo and its sister company Through Our Eyes Stock Photography operate some of the most environmentally friendly equipment in the world, setting a strict policy to go above the bar in our compliance.

Serenity Photo’s environmental policies provide direction for our staff members to incorporate safe environmental practices into their day-to-day activities. From our Board of Directors to our newest employee, from the President to each staff member, every effort is made to ensure that we remain good stewards of the environment and the places we visit.

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