Environmentally Friendly Photos

Serenity Photo is one of the first professional photography studios in North America to consciously welcome with open arms, systems designed to reduce impact on our fragile environment.

By introducing high quality optics along with digital camera systems  plus the added advantage of large capacity compact flash cards (also called digital film), we have absolutely done away with the need for plastic based films and the poisonous chemicals to develop them completely.

A single 4 gigabyte compact flash card with the camera set to RAW format (High Quality) will take 159 images which is equivalent to 4.5 rolls of 36 exposure film. That same flash card set to JPEG format will take as many as 841 exposures or 23.5 rolls of film. That is a lot of savings in cost of film. The re-usability of the flash cards combined with no longer needing highly toxic chemicals reduces the overall impact Serenity Photo has on the environment.

Taking the idea of our “FOOTPRINTS Program” we decided to produce all of our portrait images in two different ways. The first way is utilizing very high resolution digital printers in-house and the second way is through our online partners at Pictage. This truly digital process allows us to do away with an entire range of harmful developing chemicals needed for developing film images. Our printed images are archival prints, and this means that the prints we will produce for you can last more than 150 years. Much longer than the traditional image, chemically made through the traditional process that we have grown accustomed to through the decades.

An enormous amount of photographers still use photo labs for film processing because they feel traditional film is still superior, but below is a list of some of the many chemicals used by these labs to print photo’s using traditional photographic printing methods.

Not only are we ‘Environmentally Friendly’ but we are a “Family Company” trying to make the world a better place for our own family too.

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