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  • Serenity Photo - Annie Laurie - Annie at Calico Ghost Town, CA
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  • Annie Laurie at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, CA

International Commercial Photographers

Tampa - Toronto

Welcome to Serenity Photo

Life is filled with celebrations, events, and many milestones that are close to our hearts. Serenity Photo's true purpose is to capture those emotions of laughter, love, those tears of joy and sadness through photography. Preserving those moments for generations to come telling the story through pictures is so important to us.

Based between Tampa Bay Florida, and Toronto Canada we travel Internationally as a team, and we have shoot in more than 25+ countries. Specializing in commercial photography focused on local and destination weddings, on-location portraits, fashion & glamour, dance, sports, and high-profile events, and all the way to mother nature herself.We just live and love shooting images that have meaning.

We are professional in our work, and our interaction with people and large groups is amazing, especially with children. Seeing a person see their images for the first time and saying, "is that me?" always makes us feel wonderful, and we know we are doing our business proud. Photography is emotional and personal, we hope to share our passion and our love for photography with you, your loved ones, and colleagues soon.

Our success has been built over many years by building a relationships and systems that are sustainable, effective, and meaningful. Being able to capture special moments and seal it in time through imagery in an environmentally friendly way is just one of our main goals to make a positive impact in our own little way. We consciously embrace Eco-Friendly systems designed to reduce and limit our impact on the Earth's fragile environment following our FOOTPRINTS initiative. From the ground up our business is designed to be sustainable, and as clean and healthy as it can be to help do some good on this beautiful planet that we live on.

Please take some time and look at our portfolio, get to know our world by taking a look around our site. You will see many wonderful moments and inspirations. Please do not hesitate to say hello on our contact us page, or even better Follow us on Twitter and while you are at it Like our Facebook page too.

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